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Intermodal Platform for Advanced Digital Manufacturing

Machines Designed & Built in the USA

MilleBot designs and builds to order patented advanced digital-manufacturing systems with the standard ISO conex shipping container. Our team strives to offer the best enclosure and structure, components, and software to deliver production-ready open tool head machine solutions that are user serviceable with hand tools. Our industry leading very large format machine offerings include additive (thermoplastic, cement, and metal), subtractive CNC (spindle, laser, plasma, and water), hybrid (additive and subtractive), and multi-process “all-in-one” models (additive, subtractive, and scan).

The MILLE Platform offers the most value per work volume on the market today. Yet for mobility, durability, and extreme service outdoor capability the MILLE platform is unmatched at any price point. MILLE Hybrid and Multi process models are unique offerings at new price points that make indoor or extreme service outdoor production widely affordable in multiple combinations of 3D cement, metal, thermoplastic pellet and filament printing; CNC spindle, laser, plasma, and waterjet cutting; and multi-process automation. High-growth industries seeking this production technology include aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, and many others. For a catalog and a price sheet please contact us here

Our Mission

To enable innovation and production anywhere without relying on traditional supply chains or production methods.
Universal Machine Platform
MilleBot's revolutionary machine platform enables next-gen manufacturing virtually anywhere. When no manufacturing infrastructure is available or logistics cost are to high, you'll be glad MilleBot has your back. Our patented mobile systems allow deployment of advanced digital manufacturing at any location giving you the edge.
The worlds' freight infrastructure is designed to move the shipping container. Used containers have become a commodity and have been converted to everything from houses to pop-up shops. MilleBot has taken the container to the next level by converting them to internet connected advanced digital-manufacturing machines so you can skip traditional supply chains and make things on-site in the box. This ultimately reduces the time, labor, emissions, and cost making "MILLE" a viable solution now and in the future.
New Possibilities
Design, Prototype and create larger and faster. MilleBot turn-key systems combine everything you need to build  full-scale objects enabling new innovations and applications. Combine multiple units and various tool-heads to do things never before possible. 

Florida Showroom
MilleBot, Inc. 
7749 Bayberry Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256