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Intermodal Platform for Advanced Digital Manufacturing
Case Studies


Learn how we built a Millebot for 5 Axis CNC router for trimming large carbon fiber components. This is highly valuable industries that use molds to produce oversized parts in aerospace, aircraft, automotive, and marine industry.



Our client was interested to design and develop new components for his experimental helicopter. Several parts were to be (re)engineered to meet aerodynamic and function, including a front ram air scoop to keep the engine cool during flight. The client wanted to prototype and produce quickly within a limited time frame. 
Product Brochures

MilleBot 100 Series Brochure (Basic)

Exceptionally strong self-contained extreme service indoor/outdoor mobile machine that yields highly accurate 6-axis manufacturing with precision. Unique strong yet light ceiling mounted machined aluminum dual rail gantry construction. Precise closed loop high resolution and power servo motion control, gear rack and ball screw actuators, and closed wire track in an open platform build guarantees indefinite availability of spare parts and service. All parts are field serviceable with common hand tools. Numerous subtractive and additive applications for a combined head weight of up to 20 pounds. MilleBot's extensible and upgradeable non-proprietary approach makes MILLE 100 an ideal flexible turnkey value for additive 3D printing, CNC, Laser, and other processes.

MilleBot 300 Series Brochure (Basic)

Exceptionally strong self-contained extreme service indoor/outdoor mobile machine that yields exceptionally accurate 6-axis manufacturing with high precision. Unique strong yet light ceiling mounted machined aluminum multi-rail gantry construction. Precise closed loop servo motion control with high resolution 20-bit encoder, gear rack and ball screw actuators, and closed wire track in an open platform build guarantees indefinite availability of spare parts and service. All parts are field serviceable with common hand tools. Numerous subtractive and additive applications for a combined head weight of up to 50 pounds. MilleBot's extensible and upgradeable non-proprietary approach makes MILLE 300 the ultimate flexible turnkey value for additive 3D printing, CNC, Laser, and other processes.
Video Tutorials
Frequently Asked Questions
Get all your questions answered. For additional questions contact sales
With a combination of robust motion control, servo drive, gear reduction, precision linear motion components, quad-rail configuration, and rigid steel enclosure Millebot strives to provide a high precision system for all digital-manufacturing applications.

Heavy Duty Design
Equipped with precision linear motion components for high-speed, low maintenance production throughout the entire build area.

Why It’s Important
Whether on the bottom of the build platform or the top, Millebot’s quad-rail configuration is designed to provide support for high accuracy and precision with the least deflection when moving at high speed so you can produce components with confidence.

How We Improve Quality
Millebot is equipped with vibration absorbing technologies to reduce resonance during high-speed operation and transport.
what makes millebot superior
Modular integration, Large build volume, Indoor/outdoor flexibility, ultimate mobility, and geometric scalability.  

Integration Platform
By designing a modular integrative design, Millebot allows the user to swap and upgrade components based on their needs without purchasing a new machine resulting in potential savings compared to alternative options.

Bring your Millebot to your customers or suppliers to reduce the cost of logistics. Reduce the delivery time and use local materials to supply machine. 

Expansion space
- Different mounting points
- Hot-swap while in operation
- Increase capacity
- Storage for materials
- Swap and add more output as needed
- Increase efficiency
- Increase output
- Upgrade electronics
- Redundancy systems

Why This is Better For The Customer
Millebot allows customers to offset production by placing units outdoors. Also, machines can be stacked to maintain a small footprint and reconfigured based on customer needs without requiring the purchase of another machine. As customer production needs an increase, additional units can be used together and quickly deployed to the location minimizing logistics cost.

Modular Tool Integration
Many tool manufacturers in the market, Millebot is not locked into a specific tool. Our standard modular platform allows for the adaptation of the newest and most powerful tools to be used on our platform.
Machine Designations
The purpose of this page is to provide you a better understanding of Millebot machines and why we do things. We understand every customer has different needs and have created a modular integration platform to combine the best components to build the ultimate digital manufacturing machine. 

Heavy-Duty Machine Series
MILLE 50 Series Entry 
MILLE 100 Series Standard
MILLE 300 Series Premium
MILLE 500 Series Multi-Gantry
MILLE 1000 Series Ultra

Additive Manufacturing 
AF = Additive Plastic Filament Extrusion; MILLE-50AF, MILLE-100AF, MILLE-300AF
AP = Additive Plastic Pellet Extrusion; MILLE-50AP, MILLE-100AP, MILLE-300AP
C = Cement Extrusion; MILLE-100C, MILLE-300C, MILLE-500C

Subtractive Manufacturing
S3 = CNC Spindle Router 3-Axis; MILLE-50S3, MILLE-100S3, MILLE-300S3
S5 = CNC Spindle Router 5-Axis; MILLE-100S5
SA = CNC Spindle Automatic Tool-Changer; MILLE 300SA
W = Waterjet; MILLE-100W, MILLE-300W
L = Laser / Fiber; MILLE-100L, MILLE-300L

Hybrid Manufacturing
HF = Plastic Filament & Router; MILLE-100HF, MILLE-300HF
HP = Plastic Pellet Extrusion & Router; MILLE-300HP
HM = Metal Extrusion & ATC; MILLE-300HM

Build Custom Machine
Select from MILLE 100, 300, 500, 1000 Series machine
Select: Motor Drive, Motion Control, and Other options
Custom Tool Type; P, C, M, S, W, L, HP, HM, Other
large build volume
Space optimization 
All machine components are arranged to optimize the build volume for easier operator access.

Bigger is Better
Increasing build space allows the user to produce larger components for higher output. As companies validate the need for 3D-printing digital manufacturing, the demand for larger more industrial solutions is on the rise. Millebot containerized system comes standard with a full side-door opening for easy loading and unloading. Large size means users have a larger capacity for material storage, supporting equipment, electronics, and additional processes.

Controlled Build Environment
Machines can be equipped with digital temperature control for heating/ cooling the internal build chamber achieved by a combination of thermal insulation, electronics isolation, and durable steel enclosure.

Marine-Grade Weather Seals
Durable rubber seals protect the machine internals from wind, water, dust, and debris.

Electronics Isolation
Motors and electronics are strategically positioned to increase reliability and reduce wear. Additional covers and insulation are added to increase component life for the maximum machine uptime.

Thermal Insulation
Use of insulation panels, thermal coatings and other means Millebot can control and maintain temperatures for the applications. Thermal ratings may vary depending on the Machine Series. Other considerations varied depending on the digital manufacturing process and customized to the user application.

Heated Build Chamber
The machine can be equipped with heating elements to create a high-temperature environment ideal for additive manufacturing with industrial plastics. This system is combined with thermal insulation and advanced temperature sensors to monitor and control the build area. Isolated electronics and motors allow reliable operation in high temperatures.
High-Speed Operation 
Why is Speed Better 
The high-speed operation allows the user to get more done in less time, increasing production and ROI.

Why is this important
When investing in equipment, it is essential to have high productivity and output. For high-speed operation we would typically use belt-drive. For applications longer than 14 ft then a gear-rack system would be more viable.

Why Millebot is Capable of High Speed
A combination of mass and the right components allow Millebot machines to operate at high speed and accuracy throughout the entire working volume.
rigid design
Why Rigidity is Important 
To maintain accuracy and precision during delivery and high speed operation.

Why we use the steel enclosure
Highly rigid, highly customizable and weather resistant.


Why Intermodal Container
The shipping container has revolutionized import and export. All roads and cargo ships are designed to move them around which makes the distribution of Millebot machines easy.

Why This is Important
Logistics and critical applications. The ability to deliver sizable digital-manufacturing power into areas of low manufacturing infrastructure. Rapidly deployable advanced manufacturing units for immediate production when other methods are not feasible. An intermodal container is a global standard for large size.

Who Can Benefit
People and organizations who want to vertically integrate and have found that traditional manufacturing is too costly, limits customization and requires to much time. By utilizing a mobile system, users can use local materials and leverage their local suppliers or relocate their production to areas of the highest yield.

Modular Options
Versatile machine platform equipped with tool-heads for additive, subtractive and hybrid manufacturing processes.
Modular options
Versatile machine platform equipped with tool-heads for additive, subtractive and hybrid manufacturing processes. 


Plastic Pellet Extrusion 
Increase production and save cost by using pellet plastic.
- Printable Materials: ABS, PLA, HIPS, TPU, TPE, ULTEM, PEEK, ULTEM, and more
- Extrusion Output: (~2 lbs) per hour
- Temperature Max: 450°C

Cementitious Material Extrusion
3D print with cementitious materials, clays, and ceramics with durable and robust composition.
- Printable Materials: Mortar, Paste, Clays and more
- Zero to 20 gal/ per hour output

Metal - Directed Energy Deposition
Directed energy deposition with welding wire including; mild steel, stainless steel, and others.

- Router 
- Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
- Plasma Cutter
- WaterJet
- Fiber-laser

Hybrid combines the best of additive and subtractive manufacturing into one solution. Millebot’s large 3D-platform and added mobility mean you have the most versatile hybrid manufacturing system on the market. Large build volume with additional space for supporting equipment. A mobile system that allows users to bring their advanced manufacturing technologies anywhere at any time. You can expect to save time and increase production capabilities compared to traditional manufacturing machines. 

Millebot can integrate custom tools and components onto our machine platform. Contact us for more information about integrations and development. 

Additional Options
- Wet Environments
- High salt / corrosive environments
- Dusty environment
- Hostile environment
- Other
Remote Client Support 
Troubleshooting and or machine operation based on an hourly rate.

On-Site Maintenance
Request and schedule On-site Services directly through the machine.

Material Purchasing
Purchase materials directly through the machine interface. As Millebot releases new materials users can obtain datasheets and purchase.

Machine Upgrades
You can purchase machine upgrades and additional equipment through the machine interface for the most seamless customer experience.
We work with many high-quality OEM manufacturers located in the origin country of the machine. Each machine is configured to your needs to make sure the highest productivity. Some of the linear motion systems options include; 
- A high-speed belt drive system
- Precision linear rail
- Precision ball screw
- Other

Quad-Rail Configuration
This configuration gives reduced deflection throughout the entire build volume to create a superior foundation for all types of digital manufacturing. Adjacent rails are attached to an adjustable plate then mounted to the structural steel beams of the container for an ultra-rigid motion platform. The container’s mass is excellent to offset the momentum of high-speed operation giving users the best output.

Flexible Hardware Integration
Configured Millebot with components that you know and trust. Our focus is to create the best machine platform so customers can have a flexible machine foundation.

Servo Motor Drive
Servo motors achieve high speed at high torque values. Quiet at high speeds. Encoder utilization provides higher accuracy and resolution with closed-loop control.

Why NEMA Sized Motors
NEMA stands for National Electrical Manufacturer Association. Allowing Millebot to integrate a variety of motors from various manufacturers brands and usage to meet customer requirements.

Specialty Motor Drives
A standard servo motor with higher torque and speed are available. Waterproof and dustproof options are also available for harsh environments.

Planetary Gear Reduction
Available on all Millebot machines to increase precision, torque, and life of the motor. Gearheads provide torque multiplication, increased precision and inertia matching
- Higher repeatability accuracy
- Higher torque
- High efficiency
A User-friendly Industrial PC controls Millebot with 6-axis control with I-O Motion Controller, remote support, satellite internet, POS and GPS tracking. 
Operator panel
Includes Jog and Cycle-Start-Stop buttons, E-stop and Feed Rate Override switches.
Sealed Electronics Enclosure
Millebot is equipped with a sealed electronics enclosure to keep away moisture. Additional enclosures are optional for increased electronics, power and redundancy systems.
Industrial PC
- 21-inch Widescreen Color LCD Flat Panel monitor 1920 X 1080
- Microsoft Windows IOT Equivalent to Windows 10

Remote Support and POS
- Purchase customer support services
- Browse and purchase new materials and upgrades
- Receive new material updates
- Purchase additional services
Available Materials 
All types of Plastic pellet including ABS, PLA, HIPS, TPU, TPE, ULTEM, PEEK, and more
Cement, clay and other materials not listed.

New Materials
Millebot seeks to expand printable material options through continued research and development. New materials are listed on our website and available for purchase through the onboard purchasing system.

New Material Compatibility
New materials can be tested and validated by Millebot. Please contact our sales department for information on new materials testing and implementation into our machines.

How to Purchase Materials
All Millebot are equipped with an onboard purchasing system. Users can also purchase through website and web app.

Materials Storage
Most machines equipped with onboard material handling capacity for storage of raw printing materials.
ISO Intermodal Container 
Operate indoors or outdoors with built-in storage. Corrosion resistant corten steel construction ready for any environment
- Indoor or outdoor operation
- ISO Certified Ocean ready
- Stackable and scalable infrastructure
- Built-in space for supporting equipment

Machine Sizes
Customers can select from a wide variety of container sizes and styles to suit their production needs. Our standard container machine is 10ft and 20ft with larger systems including 40 ft and 50 ft models for extended production capacity.
- Standard 10ft & high cube
- Standard 20 ft & high cube
- Standard 40 ft & high cube
- 53 ft Supreme

Corten Steel
Millebot built with Corten steel can withstand impact from loading and unloading and provides the ultimate protection even in the most extreme environments.

The most obvious benefit of using these steel containers is the sheer amount of space inside. You can store a significant amount of hardware and supporting materials for continuous manufacturing operations.

Another advantage of using quality steel shipping containers for storage is the security aspect. You can have your unit installed with some of the most effective locking mechanisms to ensure that all machine components are protected. 
No matter how brutal weather conditions might be, or if any external damage occurs to your Millebot, it will most likely prevail and remain intact. As long as these steel shipping containers are taken care of with regular maintenance, they should last for a minimum of 20 years.

Storing your machine in one place is excellent, but what if you have to relocate or send your machine somewhere else? No problem, you can ship Millebot anywhere you like.
warranty & maintenance
1-year limited warranty on all Millebot machines. Warranty does not include consumables like tool-tips or end-mills. 

How to Calibrate Millebot 
Millebot’s Laser Calibration system is used to identify any rail misalignment after delivery. The machine is adjustable by rail tensioners located strategically throughout the rail system.

What’s the Expected Maintenance
Proper lubrication of all moving components including rails, rail blocks, ball screws, gear rack, and others.

What’s the Expected Maintenance Cost
Millebot includes free replacement of wear and tear items while the machine is under warranty. The lifespan of these components varies based on use and application.

How to Replace Parts
All components can be changed by Millebot certified technicians or with simple hand tools.
long-term viability
As your production to needs expand into new areas, Millebot is ready to scale with you. Place machines outdoors to increase production capacity without requiring pouring a foundation or building a new building. Move Millebot to other locations to enhance the distribution and reduce the logistics cost of moving finished goods. Rather than buying new machines, you can change Millebot components to adapt to your needs. As better hardware becomes available components can be swapped and upgraded without requiring the purchase of a new machine. If additional machines are required, then Millebot is ready to stack and use the same footprint.

Geometrically Scalable Infrastructure
Machines can be placed horizontally, vertically, or in tandem according to your production needs. Stack multiple machines to maintain a small footprint, or geometrically grow your production power by arranging Millebot in high-level matrices to facilitate even the most complex productions.
Why Millebot Offers the Most Flexibility
With larger machines, you have the most flexibility to enhance your production processes because you add multiple-step processing. Increase your automation power within a single unit.

Machine Fleet Solutions
Allow us to help you configure the machine arrangement. It depends on your needs. Single process to multi-step process. We can tailor Millebot for your needs. Please contact our solutions department today

Vertical Integration
Companies who want to bring manufacturing inhouse can use industrial digital-manufacturing to increase margins and control production. By bringing capabilities, in-house companies can increase the speed of R&D and make changes faster. Besides, companies can continue to scale their customer base by relocating machines to where the customers are to open up unexplored markets.

Production Management
Software to use, manage and operate multiple machines to form a digital-manufacturing farm. Similar to how computers can distribute complex task among multiple servers to reduce the time and decentralize hardware. Millebot gives you the same ability to produce large scale objects through network production capabilities.

Increase Production with Small Footprint
Maintain a small carbon footprint by stacking machines. Millebot can be operated indoors or outdoors to reduce the overhead cost for companies who have changed production needs to offset the cost of pouring a permanent foundation, relocation of company operations, expansion, and or disruption of the existing supply chain.