The Large Industrial Container 3D Printer Awakens
By: Elyssa Coultas
Date: 01/25/19
Entrepreneurs and inventors today face an opponent that’s a serious threat to their success: Time. 

The path from which an idea becomes reality shrinks with each new innovation. 

Technology has empowered mankind to achieve great things, but it also poses new challenges.
How do businesses stand out in over-saturated markets? How can entrepreneurs disrupt with a shrinking life cycle of products?
Businesses that are equipped with the proper strategy and tools are those that are empowered to anticipate change rather than fear it.  The Millebot is the ultimate tool for creation. 

A massive 3D printer built inside of an ISO shipping container, Millebot enables entrepreneurs and businesses to create, test and produce refined products at their own pace. 

From conception to production, Millebot is today’s industry disruptor that narrows the production window even further.
Better, Faster, Stronger
Most of us have heard the adage, “experience is the best teacher.” This could not be any truer in respect to the Millebot.  Trial and error are the cornerstones of discovery and perfection. 

Currently on its third model of the massive system, the Millebot team has been refining, restructuring and improving the machine’s capabilities over the past 8 months. 

The previous designs serve as a model for what to do and what not to do.
The Millebot™ now offers unique 3D printing and modular design capabilities in an already innovative package.
Users can now break down recycled plastics into pellets for use with the Millebot. 

The most recent developments in the printer heads allow for printing a variety of mediums including cement, plastics and metal. 

Now ready for the mainstream market, this brief period of silence was a necessity to improve the function and versatility of the product. 

The sleeping giant has emerged better, faster, stronger.
“Entrepreneurs who have a vision larger than themselves are the ones who will not only find financial success. They will be the force that serve the greater good; the ones who will truly change the world.”
- Tony Robbins
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