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Intermodal Platform for Advanced Digital Manufacturing
Modular Tools
configured for your application

We Partner with OEM Tool Manufacturers

We seek and integrate the best tools from manufacturers around the world. This gives users the latest production technologies without investment into a new machine.
All tools carry the respective manufacturer's warranty are easily serviceable and replaceable. Select from a growing number of tool options and customize MilleBot for your needs.

Additive Manufacturing (AM)

3D Printing Deposition

FFF - Plastic Filament Extrusion
Max temp 500°C

DPE - Pellet Plastic Extrusion
Max temp 400°C
>2lbs/hr or greater

Clay Extrusion
contact us for options

Cement Extrusion
contact us for options

Subtractive Manufacturing (SM)

CNC Routing and Trimming

1.5kW Router Spindle

2.2kW Router Spindle

3.0kW Automatic Tool Changer Spindle


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Hybrid Manufacturing (HM)

Additive and Subtractive in One Unit

FFF Plastic Filament Extrusion + <2.2kW Router Spindle

Pellet Plastic Extrusion + >3.0kW Automatic Tool Changer Spindle

Multi-Process Production

Combine Many Processes in One Unit

Contact us to discuss various tool and machine configurations

Custom Hardware Integration

Add Components to Our Machine Platform

Contact us to discuss tool integration options and partner opportunities