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Design:  Standardized  Durable  Transportable  Self-Contained  Modular  Open Tool  //  
Platform:  Interchangeable  Upgradeable  Extensible  Serviceable  //  Traditional / Agile / Lean:  Additive  Subtractive  Hybrid  3D Digitization & Validation 
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Intermodal Platform for Advanced Digital Manufacturing

The Patented
Machine Platform

for Advanced Digital-Manufacturing
US PAT: US10434712
Additive Manufacturing (AM)
3D Printing
Subtractive Manufacturing (SM)
3-Axis, 5-Axis CNC, Laser
Hybrid Manufacturing (HM)
Additive and Subtractive

Machines Based on Fundamentals

1. Leverages existing cargo infrastructure that's unlikely to change for the next few decades

2. Combine the highest build volume, mobility, durability, and little setup time

3. Modular construction that's easy to service and upgrade with off-the-shelf parts

4. Allows you to scale production in distributed manufacturing ecosystem
Indoor and Outdoor Operable

Corrosion Resistant ISO Shipping Container Housing

- Indoor or outdoor operation 
- ISO certified ocean ready
- Stackable and scalable infrastructure
- Built-in storage for supporting equipment
Heavy Duty Gantry System

High Precision and High Performance

- Expandable build length and volume 
- Several gantry configurations available
- Multi-step productionon single machine
- Easy to replace components without special tools

Sustainable Machine Infrastructure

Universally Accepted ISO Containers

The worlds' freight infrastructure is designed to move the shipping container. MilleBot transforms containers to connected advanced digital-manufacturing machines so you can leapfrog your manufacturing to the next generation and bypass traditional supply chains.

Scalable Production Volume

Manufacturing Power that Grows

- Combine multiple machine units for increased production
- Deployable to most locations
- Multi-process manufacturing

Standard Machine Dimensions
10.0 x 8.0 x 8.5 ft (L,W,H)
20.0 x 8.0 x 8.5 ft (L,W,H)
40.0 x 8.0 x 8.5 ft (L,W,H)

Manufacture Anywhere

Produce Large Objects On-Demand

MilleBot's revolutionary machine platform enables next-gen manufacturing virtually anywhere. When no manufacturing infrastructure is available or logistics cost are to high, you'll be glad MilleBot has your back. Our patented mobile systems allow deployment of manufacturing units to any location at any time. 
Enable New Innovations

Unlock New Possibilities

Design, Prototype and create larger and faster. MilleBot turn-key systems combine everything you need to build full-scale objects enabling new innovations and applications. Combine multiple units and various tool-heads to do things never before possible. 

Next Generation Manufacturing

MilleBot's machine solutions converts standard ISO shipping containers into turn-key production platforms with large build volume. Each machine is configurable with multiple tool-options, gantry styles, and options. Our machines feature a unique ceiling mounted gantry system gives you full access to the floor allowing you to attach fixtures and jigs for CNC routing or trimming large objects. This space can also be used for heated bed if 3D printing and storage of additional supporting hardware like material handling systems, dust collection, compressors and more.  

- Plastic pellet 3D extrusion
- CNC Auto-Tool-Changer (ATC) spindles
- Hybrid Extrusion / CNC
- Continuous Carbon fiber
- Cement extrusion
- Fiber / CO2 Laser
- Water jet
- 3D Scanning and Digitization
- Other

Unit shown is MILLE 100S5-20HC equipped with 5-Axis CNC 1.5kW Router Spindle
(Work volume: 16.0' x 5.5' x 2.0' ft )

Machine For Sale


Machine location: Ventura, California

One unit in stock. 
Ready to ship MilleBot v3 Development machine with hybrid manufacturing capabilities. Use for research and development, production, and equipment validation. Built from the ground up as internal development platform with additional features not found on any other machine. Capable of integrating sensors to monitor digital-manufacturing workflow in a controlled environment. Features unique Quad-rail design and heavy duty gantry capable supporting over 150 lbs for heavy tools and and equipment.   Standard 20' container size for easy transport. Side-door opening container for easy access. Indoor or outdoor ready. Installed 50' ft power cord with 14-50P plug.

- Lead time 12-16 weeks for new machines
- Will pay 50% of freight within continental US
- Priced: $129,800
- Includes full 1yr limited warranty

  •  Build volume (X,Y,Z): 10.0' x 5.0' x 5.0' ft
  • Equipped tools: 2 lb/hr pellet extruder & 2.2kW CNC Spindle
  • ​Heated Enclosure: Yes
  • Motion Control: MachMotion 21" Touchscreen PC w/ Mach 4 Industrial installed and Industrial 6-Axis motion controller
  • ​Linear Motion: NEMA 34 Stepper motor drive. Rack & Pinion XY, Ballscrew Z
  • Other Features: Heavy Duty Quad-rail design, LED lighting, Full side opening  door
  • ​Dimensions: 20.0' x 8.0' x 8.5' ft
  • ​Power requirements: 200-240v 50A